What is Socius?

Socius provides coworking shared office space to individuals and businesses who want to contain costs by achieving synergies and sharing costs.  We create a collaborative environment that encourages growth through mutually beneficial relationships, multi-disciplinary client advisory teams, complimentary professional services, and highly professional work space.  If you're a sole proprietor or small business with a need for office space, but not ready for a full suite, Socius is perfect for you.  

Nicole Watkins

Aliquam Financial Services, Inc.

“After successfully growing a thriving business operated out of my home for the past three years, I realized it was time to step up the game, and Socius provides a great professional platform for the next chapter in my business”


By sharing space, technology and  supplies, we're able to contain costs while maintaining a professional environment.

Working together to address client and individual challenges as a team of high quality professionals. 

Individuals and businesses will be promoted by Socius, and by members of the Socius family. 

Bringing professionals from a variety of disciplines to create a synergistic and collaborative environment. 


Shared services



I.  sharing, joining in, partaking, united, associated, kindred, allied, fellow